620-1525 Tool-Crib, Red Insulating Varnish

This product is specially designed to protect and insulate surfaces from deterioration caused by exposure to oil, moisture, acid and alkali. The high gloss enamel coating is recommended for use as a finish coat to Class “F” winding or electrical apparatus. Dries quickly, resists cracking, and reduces current leakage. Suggested uses are on commutator ends, switchboard parts, motor case interiors, collector rings and shells, armatures, bus bars, field windings, and more. Apply product between 50° and 90° F and store the product between 40° and 100° F in OSHA compliant storage cabinets.

  • Red Insulator
  • Dielectric Strength – 1400 Volts per Mil
  • 10 minute dry time
  • 20 oz.



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